ncfile = read_dd(fname,depid) % Matlab & Octave

Read data files from a Daily Diary data Logger. This function generates a netCDF file in the current working directory containing:

  • A Accelerometer data structure
  • M Magnetometer data structure
  • T Temperature sensor data structure
  • info Information structure for the deployment
Input var Description Default value
fname is the file name of the Daily Diary text file including the complete path name if the file is not in the current working directory or in a directory on the path. The .txt suffix is not needed. N/A
depid is a string containing the deployment identification code assigned to this deployment, for example, mn12_186a. N/A
Output var Description Units
ncfile ncfile is the name of the NetCDF file containing the tag data. It will be 'depid' (e.g., N/A
Date Software Applies to Error message Line Description Status
2017-08-06 Octave read_tdr10dd_csv error: datevec: DATE not parsed correctly with given format133OCTAVE does not handle fractional seconds with precisons >3. For example '19:04:00.8525 04-Sep-2011' will not parse, while '19:04:00.852 04-Sep-2011', '19:04:00.85 04-Sep-2011' and 19:04:00.8 04-Sep-2011 will parse correctly. This error also effects read_dd Reported
read_dd 37

Matlab & Octave

fn = read_dd('C:\tag\octave\tagtools\testdata\dd_oa14_319a\oa_14_319a_data','oa14_319a')

The workspace should now contain variables A, M, T and info, each of which is a structure.

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