Sensor names, axes & units

The Sensor definition table (sensor_names.csv) lives in the I/O toolbox, this contains definitions for the following Sensors by default, but it can be edited & updated by the user to include novel sensors.

Sensor name (name)Abbreviated name (abbrev) Description (description) Number of axes (axes) Units (def_units)Units name (def_unit_name) Units Label (def_label)Frame (def_frame)Axes (def_axes)Data columns (def_cols)
PressurePdive depth1m H2Ometers H2O (salt)metersD
DepthPdive depth1m H2Ometers H2O (salt)metersD
AltitudePaltitude above sea-level1mmeters above sea-levelmetersU
AccelerationAtriaxial acceleration3m/s2meters per seconds squaredm/s2tagFRU“x,y,z”
MagnetometerMtriaxial magnetometer3uTmicro TeslaμTtagFRU“x,y,z”
GyroscopeGtriaxial gyroscope3rads/sradians per secondrads/stagFRU“x,y,z”
SpeedSspeed with respect to medium1m/smeters per secondm/sF
PositionPOSGPS position2degreesdecimal degreesdegreesWGS84NE“lat,long”
TemperatureTtemperature1degrees Cdegrees Celsius°C
LightLLlight level1luxluxlux
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